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Bonus blackjack

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Bonus Blackjack can be played with 2 regular decks, each of which is containing 52 cards. Before each hand starts all the cards are shuffled. The dealer is obliged to hit on a soft 17, and any hand with a value of 21 is beat by blackjack. There is a special bonus bet feature in Bonus Blackjack which is optional. A player can take it anytime the hand begins. Actually, the bonus bet can differ from the hand bet. The main specialty is that the bonus bet pays out on the initial 2 cards. In Bonus Blackjack the regular Microgaming 2-deck strategy can be used. A player can play in Expert Mode which has an Autoplay option, and also you can customize a special built-in strategy card, which is automatically applied in the course of autoplay. Providing the real time review each hand is automatically recorded. The game software can apply to any strategy the player chooses while playing in autoplay mode.

Rules of Bonus Blackjack

  • 1. Splitting Rules A player can split an unlike pair having a value of 10 If a player has split a pair of Aces and drawn a 10-valued card, this is considered merely 21, but not Blackjack To make 4 hands a player should split up to 3 times A player is not allowed to re-split Aces Having split a pair of Aces, with each Ace receiving just one additional card, the player's hand must Stand
  • 2. Double Down Rules Doubling Down is available after receipt of the player's initial two cards. The Doubling bet value is equal to the value of the player's original bet A player can Double Down after a Split If a player has a Blackjack he cannot Double Down
  • 3. Insurance Rules After a Split or a Double Down insurance doesn't cover any second hands. Insurance is regularly paid out with the value of 2:1. Given that the Dealer doesn't have Blackjack, the player loses his Insurance bet.
  • 4. Bonus Payouts 50:1 payback for a Jack and an Ace of spades 25:1 payback for any other suited jack and Ace 5:2 payback for any two suited cards These bonus paybacks are available only if a player takes the bonus bet and on his initial two cards only. Bonus Blackjack Casinos Bonus Blackjack can be played in the following casinos: Spin Palace Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino and many others.