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High streak european blackjack gold

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High Streak European Blackjack Gold belongs to the sublime Gold Series, they are considered the most realistic online blackjack games. High Streak European Blackjack Gold is played with two regular decks each includes 52 cards. Before each hand starts all the cards are shuffled. The dealer should stand on all the hands of 17, and any hand with a value of 21 is beat by blackjack. This new game is based on the common European rules, enhancing the basic blackjack game it adds the possibility of "the High Streak", that is, a side bet. According to this feature, success rate of a player in consecutive hands gives the possibility to proceed with a chain of bonuses which can perform up to 10:1 payback. Having achieved a win in the standard Blackjack game, a player has the High Streak feature triggered, so the first High Streak win will pay 1:1, the next High Streak win has 2:1 payback, the third consecutive win pays 5:1 and the fourth, for the players on a major winning streak, pays 10:1.

Rules of High Streak European Blackjack Gold

1. Late Surrender High Streak European Blackjack Gold has no late surrender feature 
2. Splitting Rules If a player has split a pair of Aces and drawn a 10-valued card, this is considered merely 21, but not Blackjack A player can split only like pairs A player can only once split a hand (including Aces) To split Aces a player can draw the multiple cards 
3. Double Down Rules Double Down can be made only on the player's first 2 cards. The Doubling bet value is equal to the value of the player's original bet Once having Split a player cannot Double Down A player can Double Down only on 9, 10 or 11-valued hands 
4. Insurance Rules Insurance is regularly paid out with the value of 2:1. Given that the Dealer doesn't have Blackjack, the player loses his Insurance bet. Insurance also doesn't cover Double Down bet or any second hands on a Split. European High Streak Blackjack Gold Casinos High Streak European Blackjack Gold can be played in the following casinos: Ruby Fortune Casino, Mummys Gold Casino and many others.