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Multi-hand Atlantic city blackjack

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Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack is generally played with 8 regular decks each including 52 cards. At the beginning of each hand all the cards are shuffled by the dealer. In Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack the player can simultaneously play up to 5 hands. The dealer is obliged to stand always on soft 17, and any hand with a value of 21 is beat by blackjack. The standard Microgaming 8-deck strategy is applied in this variation of Blackjack. Besides, you can play in Expert Mode which has an Autoplay option, and also you can customize a special built-in strategy card, which is automatically applied in the course of autoplay. Providing the real time review each hand is automatically recorded. Rules of Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack
  • 1. Late Surrender "Late Surrender" is an additional option you can choose while playing Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack. According to this option the player comes to surrender half his original bet which helps to avoid the variant of playing with a potentially losing hand.
  • 2. Splitting Rules If a player has split a pair of Aces and drawn a 10-valued card, this is considered merely 21, but not Blackjack A player can split a maximum 3 times to give him 4 hands A player can't re-split Aces If a player has chosen to split Aces, he can only receive one additional card to each, then he is forced to Stand
  • 3. Double Down Rules Double Down can be made only after receiving of the player's first 2 cards. The Doubling bet value is equal to the value of the player's original bet A player can Double Down after a Split If a player has a Blackjack he cannot Double Down
  • 4. Insurance Rules After a Split or a Double Down insurance doesn't cover any second hands. Insurance is regularly paid out with the value of 2:1. Given that the Dealer doesn't have Blackjack, the player loses his Insurance bet. Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack Casinos Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack can be played in the following casinos: GoWild Casino, Gaming Club Casino and many others.