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Triple 7's blackjack

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Microgaming Triple 7's Progressive Blackjack is a recognized all over as a unique online progressive variation of Blackjack developed by Microgaming. Providing a wide range of bet denominations $2-$201 per hand, this game is connected with multiple Microgaming casinos. Triple 7's Progressive Blackjack creates enormous jackpots by accumulating deposits from all its players from all participating casinos. Triple 7's Progressive Blackjack can be played with 5 normal decks each of which contains 52 cards. Before each hand starts all the cards are shuffled by the dealer. In Triple 7's Progressive Blackjack the dealer stands on all 17 valued hands, and any hand with a value of 21 is beat by blackjack. Here the regular 5-deck Microgaming strategy can be applied. You can play in Expert Mode which has an Autoplay option, and also you can customize a special built-in strategy card, which is automatically applied in the course of autoplay. Providing the real time review each hand is automatically recorded.

Rules of Triple 7's Blackjack

  • 1. Progressive Bet Each game an automatic 1-credit bet is wagered. If a player receives consecutive 7s, a bonus will be paid. If a player receives 3 consecutive 7's of Diamonds, then the progressive jackpot is hit.
  • 2. Splitting Rules If a player has split a pair of Aces and drawn a 10-valued card, this is considered merely 21, but not Blackjack A player is not allowed to re-split A player can't re-split Aces If a player has chosen to Split his Aces, he can keep on drawing cards
  • 3. Double Down Rules Doubling Down can be made after receipt of your first two cards, but given that they add up value to 9, 10 or 11 The Doubling bet value is equal to the value of the player's original bet A player can Double Down after a Split If a player has a Blackjack he cannot Double Down
  • 4. Insurance Rules After a Split or a Double Down insurance doesn't cover any second hands. Insurance is regularly paid out with the value of 2:1. Given that the Dealer doesn't have Blackjack, the player loses his Insurance bet. Triple 7's Progressive Blackjack Casinos Triple 7's Progressive Blackjack can be played in the following casinos: Mummys Gold Casino, GoWild Casino and many others.