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Blackjack rules

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Blackjack is more than a popular casino game – it is a legend and a style of life of many people in the world. This game is also known under the name of Vingt-Et-Un (Twenty-One). The fact that Blackjack is not only the game of luck makes is absolutely unique. You need much experience, skill and knowledge of blackjack to be a successful gambler.

Blackjack Objective

Your task at the blackjack game is to beat your dealer by getting hold of a winning hand. No matter how many other players sit at the same blackjack table with you! Their hands are not important for you. When the cards are dealt a player can get up to 21 points in his/her hand. If you manage to score 21 points, you become a winner at once. Beware of exceeding 21 points – 22 points and more in your hand mean a total loss. You should get more points than your dealer has without exceeding the top limit of 21 points.

Blackjack Card Values

When you make your game at a blackjack table, a card suit is not important. The value of each card you get is the main thing. Please, memorize card values at the game of blackjack:

Ace – makes up either 11 or 1 point, depending on your current needs.

King, Queen, Jack – make up 10 points each.

2’s-10’s – make up the same number of points as their face value is.

When you have a hand with any Ace, your hand is called "soft" because you cannot lose at once because you can choose how many points this card brings (1or 11).

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack (or Natural) is a winning hand of 21 points. As a matter of fact, it is always a combination of a 10-valued card (10, Jack, Queen, King) and an Ace. Any other combination is not a Blackjack even if it makes up 21 points.

Time to start your game of Blackjack!

You should start any game of Blackjack with making bets. Blackjack bets are made before the cards are dealt. After all bets are taken that a dealer gives two cards to each player. One card should be dealt with its face down, another – with its face up. Now it is time for the dealer and the player to check their cards and see the sum of points they have got. The outcomes are as follows:

Hit (very popular and common) - the player can choose to take one more card when you realize that you can improve your hand and become closer to 21 points. The additional card is dealt with its face up.

Stand (also very popular and common) the player asks for no more cards if he/she considers the hand is good enough for winning, or big enough to overcome 21 points.

Split - the player has two initial cards of the same nomination (two 7's or two Kings), which is not the best option for winning and he/she can ask for splitting it into two hands. If so, the dealer has to give the player two more cards (one for each new hand). Further the player continues to play with two hands. The first hand is valid till the time the player stands or busts; after that the second hand begins to play. Attention! When you decide to split, your initial bet is duplicated.

Double Down - if you are sure that your hand will win, you may ask for doubling down. In this case your initial bet is doubled and you receive the third card from the dealer. After this card you have no right to take more cards to your hand. Blackjack professionals recommend you to double down when you have 11 points if the dealer does not have an Ace. It is equally useful to double when you have 10 or 9 points if your dealer does not have any 10's.

Surrender - if you see that your hand is bad for winning, you can ask for surrender. In this case you stop the game and take only a half of your bet back.

Insurance - this option can protect you from a big loss. If the dealer's card faced up is an Ace, you can bet whether the dealer has a blackjack or not. This bet is always equal to your initial bet that is why you are protected from losing your initial bet. If your insurance wins, it is paid 2:1. Nevertheless, if the player has lost his/her initial bet, he/she is paid 1:1. Anyway, professionals believe that taking insurance is unprofitable.