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Blackjack strategy

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All experienced blackjack players believe that following this basic blackjack strategy is very useful. Every individual who plans to play Blackjack should remember it to enjoy this noble card game. Let us present Basic blackjack strategy as a table elaborated by mathematicians. Following this table, gamblers should take certain steps: hit, stand, double down etc. This scheme reduces the chances of the dealer to win to the house edge to 1% or less. Look at the basic blackjack strategy charts given below carefully. The charts are easy to use, because you need is to find your card combination and that of your dealer and check the best tip for a current situation at the crossing of the two card combinations.

Blackjack Basic Strategy (the Hard Hand)

The hard hand is a combination where an Ace cannot be counted as 11 points to prevent busting. As a matter of fact, most hands are hard, that is why you should learn to use them correctly:
If your hand is worth 8 or less points, you should always HIT.
If your hand is worth 9-11 points, you should try DOUBLING.
If your hand is worth 12 points or higher, you should STAND if the card of the dealer faced up is weaker.
If your hand is worth 15-16 points, you should SURRENDER if the card of the dealer faced up is 10 or an Ace. In case you cannot surrender (this option is not always available) then you should HIT.
If your hand is worth 17 or more points, you should always STAND.

Blackjack Basic Strategy (the Soft Hand)

The soft hand is a combination, which contains an Ace that can be counted as 11 points. It is called so because you will not bust even if you ask for one more card. When you hit, your hand may still remain soft (depending on how many points you count your Ace - 1 or 11). If your hand becomes hard hand, you should follow the blackjack strategy given above.
Example: you have a hand of an Ace + 7 = soft hand of 18 points. If you ask for another card and get a 7, now you have a hard hand of 15 points (7 + 7 + an Ace counted as 1 point = 15).

Blackjack Basic Strategy (Paired Hands)

If you are dealt two cards of identical value you can split your hand into two. Such hands are called paired hands. Traditional Blackjack allows face card splitting as well, nevertheless some modern casinos skip such an option. Attention! You can split all pairs except 5's. As for the pairs of 8's, some professionals state that they should always be split except the cases when the dealer has an Ace. But if the dealer possesses a stronger card you are advised to surrender pairs of 8's. Other gamblers do not support this point of view and recommend you to manage pairs of 8’s as any other paired hands.