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Online сraps

The online casinos powered by Microgaming offer one craps game that has 3X odds. The graphics in the game is really good and the sounds are realistic and have the rolls announcements. The player has to click to roll throw the dice and it is not possible to throw the dice by means of the mouse. The standard pay outs have several variations. The crap game that Microgaming offers has got several differences from what the standard rules say. First of all the Place bets to win or lose are named Win Bets and Lose Bets. There are also different pay offs for the Lose Bets to standard. They are the following: two to five (four or ten), four to seven (five or nine) and four to five (six or eight). The field bet twelve will pay three to one and not the two to one (which would be more common).

There is the half craps table for the interface for the game and 5 control buttons (Redo, Undo, Clear, Roll and Repeat). The player needs to hover the pointer over the table areas to show the amount bet of bet and its type. The game also has got the detailed stats that show general information like the amount of rolls and how long the play lasts. Plus the dice stats and roll stats in details.

Craps is a popular casino game. It is a dice based table game and often is placed in the high rollers area of the casino.There are several variations of bets that you can make at a craps table and we will help you understand them in this guide. There is only one main bet used in normal craps play though, in the main area.