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Craps tips

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Efficient Craps Tips to Increase Your Winning Ratio

First of all, Craps is a game of chance; nevertheless some skill and knowledge will give you a pefect chance to win. No matter how scary the table layout seems at the moment, you will soon understand everything! Take your time and play for free before betting your money.

While practicing you should get a clear idea of what bet to make. As you know, any bet has its odds and casino advantage that is why some bets have lower payouts but are more advantageous for gamblers. Practice makes perfect. 

Good Bets

·       The Pass Line Bet (the house advantage is only 1.41%);

·       The Don't Pass Bet (the house advantage is only 1.40%);

·       Come Bet (the casino advantage is only 1.41%);

·       Don't Come Bet (the casino advantage is only 1.40%).

Bad Bets

·       Field Bet (the house gets 5.6%);

·       The Big 6 or Big 8 (the house gets 9.1%);

·       The Hard Bets (the house gets 12.5%);

·       The Craps 2 or Craps 12 (the house gets 13.9%).

·       Any 7 (the house gets 16.7%).

Important information!

Don’t bet money on any craps system - no craps system is able to beat the house edge in the long run. You can lose round sums because everything depends on luck even if placing bets according to a system looks beneficial.

Manage your bankroll – decide the budget to gamble with and keep to it. If you realize that it is not your day for gambling, do not panic and do not bet large sums in an attempt to win back your losses. Remember that losing is a part of gambling. Practice free craps game – any trustworthy online casino lets you to practice craps free of charge. Don’t skip this opportunity even if you have played Craps before. Use free games to see bets and payouts of a certain casino and to try all buttons on the screen.

Think twice before you start – we all have certain budgets to gamble with, that is why you should find out the table minimum before betting. Never make your game if you cannot afford to lose!

Don’t make fuss over your game – placing a pass line bet and one or two more bets is more than enough for the beginning. Don’t be lured by the possibility of playing every bet available. As soon as you feel upset, quit betting because emotions are bad advisors for gamblers. Good luck!