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Craps strategy

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Profitable Craps Strategy That Turns you into a Winner

You cannot affect the outcome of the game of Craps because it is a game of chance. You cannot win at craps every single round; with all that certain craps strategies can increase your winning ratio and you will be able to make some money with a sheer bit of luck. All successful Craps players share similar ways of playing in both traditional and online casinos. Some players keep losing bacuse they make the same errors every time they gamble.

There are no solid craps strategies as is the case with Blackjack. We offer you a set of rules to lose less and win more when you play. You are not forced to follow any strarategies if you do not feel like doing it, nevertheless, some tips are very useful! Attention: all information below is given on the assumption that you remember all proposition bets, rules and payouts.

Efficient Craps strategies are based on a good understanding of good bets available at Craps. If you really want to win, stick to Pass, Don't Pass, Come, and Don't Come bets because they have the smallest house edge (1.41% and 1.40%). These Line Bets are the heart of any Craps strategy because other bets give too much money of yours away (see sections above).

Placing the maximum Odds Bets during point rolls is another winning strategy – these bets can be added to your original Pass Line Bet or your Don't Pass Bet. This bet is unprofitable for casinos; that is why it is absent from the craps layout. Only wise players know about this bet. In fact, it is your chance to make a bet twice as much as Pass Line bet (Don’t Pass Line Bet).


Established Point

Odds Bet Pay

4 or 10


5 or 9


6 or 8


Your Pass Line Bet has efficient odds of 1.41% and when you place an additional bet you make the casino advantage on your bet even lower. It is important to place the right amount of odds bet. Start by calculating your bet so the payoff is even. If the point of the round is set on the 5 (meaning the odds are 3 to 2 against you), you should bet a multiple of 2. The rtuth is that you can place $10 and get $15, but if you place 5$ you will not get 7.5$, because the house pays gamblers in even numbers, and you will get only 7$. Please, remember that gambling is a matter of chance and you can lose any time you bet. Nevertheless, people manage to make tasty sums of money playing Craps.