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Online roulette

Roulette is often called the 'King of the Casino Games' It is impossible to imagine the modern land-based or online casino without Roulette. The word 'Roulette' is French in origin and means 'little wheel'. The history of roulette has about 200 years and it has always been the favorite casino game. With the invention of Internet and launch of online casinos the popularity of the game is constantly growing in spite of the fact that the game has high house edge. There are two main types of the game - European and American Roulette but some casinos offer some new variations. Roulette is a great chance to try your luck and tickle your nerves. Online casinos often offer a wide range of Roulette promotions and tournaments to enjoy and get gaming experience.

Next to every casino powered by Microgaming has got several varieties of roulette like the European, American or French roulette. They all can be found in the Gold Series. There also exist the Roulette Royale, Premier Roulette and Multi Wheel Gold.

The Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale is a progressive roulette. One cannot play it in the free mode as it is joined to the world Jackpot network. For this very reason it is possible to win a large progressive jackpot playing this game. The same number has to be hit for many times in order to hit the Roulette Royale's Jackpot. The prize will be fifteen credits in case a player hits the same number two times. If he hits the same number 3 times in a row he wins two hundred credits, 4 times in a row give the player three thousand credits, and the Progressive Jackpot is won when the same number is hit 5 times in a row.

The Premier Roulette

The Microgaming have released a new game named Premier Roulette. They made it in 3D design and the Premier Roulette table looks more realistic than its predecessor. The European roulette was the archetype for the Premier Roulette but such features as a 3D wheel, game speed setting, video zoom, from one to eight and others make it stand out.

The Multi Wheel Gold

To feel the feel the real spirit of a land-based casino the players should try the Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold. The game is one of the recent additions of Microgaming Software Company to the games of Gold series. The French Roulette was the archetype for the Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold and gave it the same rules. But the main difference and probably the advantage of it is that a player can play up to 8 Roulette tables at the same time. And the lucky players have a chance to increase their bet 8 times.

The games of the Gold Series - European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette

The Roulette Gold Series let the players enjoy the true-to-life and superb sound effects. Nowadays the Microgaming Software Company proposes games like the European, American, Multi-Wheel Roulette and French in its Gold Series. In order to make a player feel like in a land-based casino and facing the 3 green roulette table, the games are made in 3D.