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Some Useful Roulette Tips for Beginners

Of course, you want to be a successful player. Mayby you even dream of becoming a professional gambler and win a round sum of money. This way or another, you should learn some Roulette secrets to make every minute in traditional or online casino really enjoyable.

#1. Prefer European roulette with only one zero to its American roulette variant – the double-zero roulette decreases your chances to win considerably. With Roulette larger number of house edge means less possibilities to win money!

#2. Betting on random numbers is not a very good idea. You should try different betting systems such as negative and positive progressions. Using a progression you usually double the bets. You are said to use negative progression if you double on a losing streak and you are considered to use positive progression if you double on a winning streak. Remember that roulette has nothing to do with equilibrium – it is a game of chance. The main idea in using a progression is to keep doubling your bets.

#3. When you gamble online, try to find a casino offering you "Surrender" feature. It can increase your odds, if you are betting on evens.

#4. Five-number bets possible in American roulette are a bad idea if you wish to win – naïve people think that 5 numbers increase the house edge to 7.89 percent? Which is wrong.

#5. Before you start gambling be ready to lose because traditional and online Roulette is the game of chance. You cannot predict the results with or without any strategy.

#6. Before making your game in a real online casino, you should practice on a free online roulette to feel what the game is like. You do not have to search for this free roulette – all prestigious online gambling zones offer you this option.

#7. Remember one strategy that always works. We are speaking about bankroll management. You will need some time to set aside a certain sum of money before you visit a traditional casino or gamble online. Now you have to do with the money you have – never spend more than you can really afford!

#8. In case you keep losing, do not get frustrated and do not try to win back everything you lost. Maybe Fortune is waiting for another day to smile upon you! In case you keep winning, do not believe that you are Fortunes number one fan! Remember about your bankroll management! For instance, with the payoff of 35 to 1 (when you bet on only one number) you have one chance in 37 (European table) or 38 (American table) to win.

#10. Before rushing into gambling headlong, please read and learn the roulette rules including the house rules.

#11. Warning! Never buy secondhand roulette systems because they are worthless. Roulette systems can work a limited amount of time that is why you will waste your money.

#12. You might have heard about so-called French roulette. It has oval-shaped layout and an "En Prison" rule. When you bet on evens and the ball lands on zero, this rule saves you from losing your bet and decreases the house edge.

#13. Inside bets are considered to be the best, but at the same time they are difficult to win. Try betting less but having a better chance to win for making steady income.

#14. Never forget that gambling was invented for fun. People who are playing for fun are calm and relaxed, that is why they make better decisions and win oftener. If you realize you are irritated, quit roulette for a while to avoid making stupid mistakes.

Follow our tips and have a wonderful game!