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How to play slots

All gamblers are aware of the fact that slots are the most popular gambling games all over the world. This stunning phenomenon has a simple explanation - playing slots is as easy as a piece of cake and you can become filthy rich in a wink due to enormous jackpots even if you make the lowest bets.

It is difficult to speak about rules of playing slots because people do not want to be taught to pull levers or push buttons! All you have to do to start playing slots is to choose the slot machine you like, put a coin into the slot or add some money on your online account, push the ‘SPIN’ button and wait a little to see if the symbols match to form a winning combination. Your goal of playing slots is to make the symbols (figures, cherries, fruits, numbers etc.) line up on the payline into a winning combination (you will see the whole list of winning combinations on the pay table). Each game has its own unique pay table. For instance, three mermaids in a row pay 20 to 1, three strawberries in a row pay 3 to 1 etc. Some machines have three paylines, others have five paylines; some slots even pay on the diagonal. You should check all details and read casino rules before making your game.

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