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Slot machines rules

Strictly speaking, slot machine rules comprise two actions – inserting a coin and pushing the ‘SPIN’ button. The only thing that you may find confusing is the widest selections of slot games and slot machine configurations available. We shall try to give you a short outline of these variations. The most typical online slot machines are 3 reel classic, 5 reel slots and progressive slots. 3 reel slots can have 5 payout lines, it name multy-line slots

Rules for 3 Reel Slots: 

3 reel slots offer you different winning combination of symbols on the payout lines. As a rule you can enjoy five payout lines on each game - the top row, the middle row, the bottom row, the left diagonal or the right diagonal. 

Rules for 5 Reel Slots: 

5 reel slots offer you nine paylines, that is why you have increased chances to win. No wonder that many people prefer 5 reel slots. 

Rules for Bonus Slots: 

Bonus slot machines have only one payline – it is the middle row. Such slots always have a special bonus symbol. The chances to get a winning combination are lower but you get an additional bonus payout. This symbol substitutes other symbols 

Rules of Feature Slots: 

Feature bonus slots are also easy to make your game with. Feature Slots may have as much as 15 paylines in each game. These slots also have ‘WILD’ card symbols that help gamblers hit a winning combination. 

Rules of MegaSpin Slots: 

You can spin MegaSpin Slots several times (from 3 up to 25 by one click). Even progressive reel slots might have multi-spin versions so that you could hit your jackpot faster. Some players prefer using ‘Autoplay’ option to speed the process of the game and see multiple results of spins at the same time on the single screen. In online multi-spin slots you can choose which reels you want to hold after the very first spin, just like you can have multiple hands in multi-line online video poker. Progressive slots are blessed with big jackpots 

Rules of Progressive Slots: 

Slot games with progressive jackpot are very thrilling because this jackpot grows in the course of time. Every gambler dreams of hitting such a winning combination at least once in his/her life. As a rule you should bet large amounts to win a progressive jackpot. 

NB: When you play online, the result of each spin is determined by a safe computer program with a Random Number Generator.

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