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Video poker rules

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The difference between the regular poker and the video poker games is that the player tries to get specific hands rather than to beat the other player’s hands. So the video poker allows either to play hunches or to bluff.

And yet the skill is needed when playing video poker games as the player is given a hand and has to decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard for the next draw. After the 2nd draw shows if the player won and (in case he did) how much he won according to the provisions of the certain machine he is playing. A lot of players think that the video poker games are great and exciting as the game is quick and one has to match it by his quick-wittedness. And one more reason of high popularity of these games is that a player has a good chance to win large prizes in time.

The players who do not know the hands’ ranking in 5-card draw table poker well enough should learn them. It would take too long to describe all of them in this article but the basic rules of playing a game of video poker are simple enough:

1) The player needs to insert money into the video poker machine.
2) Push the Draw or Deal button.
3) Think on which card will be retained and push the button Hold under each of them.
4) Push the Draw or Deal button once again.
5) Repeat it as many times as a player wants.
6) When the player wants to stop playing he has to push the button that is labeled usually Cash Out or Credit.

The players should also remember that many types of video poker exist and nearly each of them has a different pay-out chart. This and the distinctions between the "full-pay" and "short-pay" machines means that every game needs a strategy of its own to allow a player to optimize his winnings. Also the fact is that a lot of moves which are great for table poker will not work well in many games of video poker.